When Iphone 16 comes out: what it will look like, price, rumors, features

Let’s see when the new Iphone 16 will be released.Let’s see the official release date.
The launch of the new Iphone 16 is now very close and users can’t wait to get it in their hands and take advantage of all its features. After all, the Apple house never ceases to amaze, especially after the latest masterpiece of the Iphone 15, with a camera quality equal to that of a professional car.

Iphone 16 release date, the official date

MacRumors, an Apple news site, has recently revealed all the news about the new Iphone 16, and they are amazing. Let’s first begin by learning about the features of the upcoming gem:

telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom
new camera
ultra powerful chip
“capture” button with new function

Of course, we have to take into account the fact that the official release of the Iphone 16 is still far away and therefore we cannot yet know all the new features, so the first rumors about Apple’s new jewel should be taken with a grain of salt. However, users are expecting something extraordinary, especially after the technologies coming out in February, such as the Vision Pro and the Apple Watch X, which will revolutionize the world of wristwatches.

When is the Iphone 16 coming out and how much does it cost

But let’s get to the answer you’ve been waiting for: when will the Iphone 16 be released? For now, there is talk of a possible official Apple unveiling scheduled for September 2024. So we are just over 8 months away from getting our hands on the powerful new smartphone. For now, the release date seems to be set between September 20 and October 5. The cheaper models will come out first, with a price tag of around 900 euros. On the other hand, to answer the question “How much does the Iphone 16 cost,” we know that the price will exceed 2,000 euros.

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